Luminaire in London

The lamps are currentrly a  part of SHOWHOW exhibition, presenting new Danish, sustainable design during London Design Festival. 
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How to unite the old technique of glass blowing with cutting edge LED technology ?

The transition in lighting design as well as my adoration for hand blown glass is a starting point for this project. “Luminaire” is a family of lamps, where milky glass creatures live with LED fixtures in a symbiosis.
The physicality of light and organic material becomes the most important part. The lamps provide a warm ambience and the light is soft and relaxing. A glowing sequence of dots, created by LED is transformed pleasantly by glass shell. I am inspired by the authenticity, deriving from natural materials. Therefore I assembled glass and leather. This unique combination complements the warmth, created by the light.
My approach to the project is inspired by craft. I use my hands to manipulate the materials. I play with the electrical parts the same way I do with glass. This “human made” aspect is crucial to the project.

The glass shapes are blown by Charlie Meaker with Justyna's assistance.


glass jewels made together with Dawid Poplawski. We like to play with geometry, colors and textures of glass in order to achieve some nostalgic effects.

wood and glass

Glass and wooden cup made by Justyna Piotrowicz Poplawska
and Cosmin Cioroiu.
The project was made during a school collaboration with Danish sustainable and CSR brand Mater. We were inspired by the combination of two beautiful materials :glass and wood, making multifunctional yet very simple object. 
You can use it as a cup for hot drinks where the wooden part serves as a protection or simply use two parts individually for drinks and snacks. 

OKTO seat

OKTO, seat created by Justyna and Miyo Bethe

Okto brings poetry into everyday life. It invites You to share the nordic ambience in Your home.The juxtaposition of soft and sharp, cool and warm comes form the use of paper folding techniques transformed into tailored chair. Sophisticated aesthetic of Okto lies in the movement it creates.

TILTED night lamp

A night lamp called TILTED.
The light travels through a solid glass.
LED driven
Created by Justyna Piotrowicz Poplawska in 2009
Tilted is a night lamp in which light appears in a mysterious way.
It is transmitted through a solid glass like in an optic fibre.
During the day it is an intriguing, sculptural object, in the night it glows, giving a pleasent, comforting light. The form invites you to manipulate and place it on a different angles. 

Fungi lamp

This lamp is inspired by the images of fungus
and molds, overcoming architecture.

Light Sign

The light sign for Glass and Ceramic gallery in
Wroclaw, Poland created by Justyna in 2008.

Precious Glass

Drinking glass design for the Bombay
Sapphire Designer Competition 2008.
Awarded Top 10 in Poland.
Hand blown and polished.


These pieces are part of the "somnambulist" instalation.
This was shown during the diploma show, in Gallery CiS in Wroclaw.